I read one of the best books I have read in a really long time recently, The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis. I actually stumbled across Dave on the internet and found out he is a pastor and he and his wife both blog. I started following him on Facebook and love his wisdom and down to earth words.

So when I heard that he had written a book that was being released soon, I was so happy!  When I started I thought this was going to be a marriage book, but it is not. It is, just as it states, a book about love, loving your kids, yourself, God, your enemies. Each chapter is filled with thought provoking insight. 

Here are a few quotes from the book...

"Our responses to present difficulties will often determine our level of future opportunities"

"Don’t build your identity on things that change (your looks money or success, but build it on the only one which is unchanging. Gods opinion of you is the only one that counts."

Don’t take yourself too seriously or your mission too light. Laughter and joy are gifts from God that should be cherished even in life's most challenging seasons. They are good medicine for the soul."

I love how at the end of the book he asks you to take action. Rather than just having a bunch of notes or head knowledge that you will quickly forget, he wants you to reach out to others and share the new things about love that he has shared.

I could go on and on, but instead I urge you to purchase a copy today and then share it with others. It really is life changing!