Happy 2016 everyone! 2015 brought many changes in my life, one of the biggest being going back to work full time. I did not realize how it was affecting my survey taking until I looked over my yearly spead sheet of survey earnings and realized I made about $400 less than in years past. But, having a full time job more than makes up for that. But I still enjoy taking surveys and for those of you who work part-time or stay at home, survey taking is still a great way to earn lots of extra "fun money" I definitely enjoy mine. 

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Here is a break down by company of what I cashed out for in 2015.

ACOP $30.95
Carbon View $50
Clear Voice $20
E Poll $30
E Rewards $25
Global Test Market $100
Harris $25
i Say $45
My Survey $85
My View $50
Opinion Outpost $20
Rewarded Opinions $54
Shoppers Prospective $30
Socratic Forum $10
Survey Savvy $47.75
Survey Spot $10
Test Spin $15
Valued Opinion $20
Zoom Panel $50
TOTAL $717.70