I love this time of year! I get to calculate how much money I was able to cash out for with Money Making Survey Companies. I have broken it down by company below, so if you are new to taking surveys perhaps the companies I earned the most with might be what you want to start with. Visit our Money Making Survey page HERE to look around and start earning your own "Fun Money" in 2015. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

ACOP $43.20
ClearVoice $40
Crowd Tap $35
Epoll $15
Focus Forward $20
FocusGroup.com $10
Global Test Market $200
Harris $45
I Say $70
I Think $35
MySurvey.com $100
Mindfield $5
MyView $25
Opinion Outpost $20
Pinecone $93
Socratic $20
Survey Savvy $14.25
Survey Spot $10
Testspin $8.20
Toluna $45
Valued Opinion $60
Viewpoint $35.20 - only open via invitation
E Rewards $75
TOTAL: $1098.95!

Not bad for doing this while watching tv or just killing a little time!