(Not a picture of how I normally live, just for now)
In most cases, moms become planners.  It is a necessity for the job.  How else would the kids get bathed, fed and dressed each day?  Well I am a 100% planner.  Everything has a plan and most of the time things go smoothly. 

For years now we have needed new carpet.  Mix together 2 homeschoolers, their friends, 2 dogs that apparently think going to the bathroom inside the home is just fine, 3 cats and lots of house visitors and you have bad carpet.  So, it was with much joy that we were able to visit our local Home Depot and order carpet.  I was told it would arrive at the installer in 7 days.  So, planner that I am, I figured I would get a call in 7-9 days at the most and then schedule the install for the following Friday, this Friday.  With that in mind I set out over the weekend to start packing up items in our home.  My adorable husband was game to help.  So, we boxed up everything on all our shelves, lots of stuff, even got rid of some stuff, patched walls, etc. (You know when one thing leads to another).  Then I waited, and waited for the call from the installer.  I finally could not handle it anymore and called them.  I was told that it was 7-10 business days before they receive the carpet and that they cannot make an appointment until the carpet arrives.  OK, I can handle that I thought.  Can you at least see if there are openings for Friday or Saturday to install the carpet, I asked.  She said Saturdays are usually booked up a month in advance, the panic started to set in.  This Friday is all booked, gulp!  So, this planner's plan backfired :)  I now get to sit with a boxed up house for another week at least.  I know in the end it will all be worth it, wonderful new carpet!  So, you planners out there, don't stop planning, but be ready for your plan to be flexible.  

P.S.  Yes that is blue carpet.  Not even real carpet, but industrial carpet that is glued down.  Don't even get me started on my living room that has only concrete :)