I am not too proud to pick up something some one else sees as trash.  Case in point, this table.  Now it might look familiar to many of you, it is a butcher block dining room table.  Very common in many homes. The top was really worn down and needed some TLC, but one thing the old owners had already done was chop the legs in half.  Why is this good?  It is now my living room coffee table! 

I got out my trusty sander and sanded it all down.  It actually looked beautiful just like that, with all the poly gone, but I wanted something darker, so I added some brown stain.  I sanded a little bit of the white also and then used a dry brush to put a little stain to give it a used, weathered look.  If you have a small room this large of a table might now work, but my room is huge and it worked perfectly :)

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