I love it when you e-mail me and let me know great deals and freebies you have been receiving.  It makes all the effort so worth it.  So...keep them coming.  Here are a few of the recent items you have shared with me:

This is one of the two pictures of freebies that Tamanna sent me.  Love that your mailboxes are filled with goodies!

Another reader wrote to let me know this: 

"I too was selected to host a party for Vocalpoint."  She received a box with all sorts goodies in it:
5 (each) sample size bottles of Pantene shampoo/conditioner 
2 coupons for jumbo packs of diapers
2 coupons for 72 count wipes
And much more!

She also just found out from Houseparty.com that she has been selected to host a Velvetta party! 

So, please take the time to sign up with these great companies.  You never know what you might get!