OK, this is really something that should have dawned on me before, but it just did not.  Did you know that you should wash your recyclable bags?  I even had a discussion with the cashier and bagger at my local store this morning.  They said some of the bags people bring in are so dirty they really do not want to put groceries in them, but they do not dare mention anything to the customer!  Here are tips on how to best clean your bags:

For cloth bags:  Launder in hot water with your usual detergent. These can be line dried or put into the dryer.

For bags that are made of composite man-made fibers like nonwoven polypropylene and recycled PET:  Hand wash or launder on the gentle cycle. When washing, turn them inside out and pay special attention to the nooks and crannies around the seams. These bags should never be put in the dryer on high heat. Allow them to air dry. Nylon bags should be laundered the same way.

Tips come from laundry.about.com