It has been a long time since I shared any of my thrift store adventures.  My husband is now in on it with me.  Funny how we each find something we like to collect.  Is that the same with your family?  Well, this time I was with my mom.  We were both raised by my grandma, who bought almost everything at the thrift store, so it is just part of who we are :)

We visited six stores over two days and here are just a few highlights of what we got :)

At Salvation Army these items are marked as Bric or Brac.  My favorite purchases are always things for the home.  We went on a 50% off day so all of these items were $8 total!  My favorite?  The Pyrex bowl, of course :)  

I have gone thru different stages in life when it comes to buying clothing at thrift stores.  When I had my first good paying job I loved the thrill of going to the "expensive" store and buying new outfits.  Once the kids were born most of their clothing came from the thrift store.  Since losing 30 pounds I have found it so much fun to be able to wear things that I never thought possible.  And, with needing a completely new wardrobe, the thrift store was the perfect place to go.  

I purchased 3 beautiful shirts at Salvation Army and found complimenting shirts for two of them.  Three outfits for $10!
(Sorry, should not have taken a picture of them on my bed, the background pattern is distracting :)

What has been our best thrift store find?