My mom's 2 1/2 day visit has come to a close.  I must say that the stores did not have a lot of great stuff so we focused more on getting my mom some clothing.  I did find 2 pairs of capri's, 1 pair of sweat pants and a pair of dress pants for myself that I did not take pictures of.  Salvation Army had all their pants 75% off so that was a deal I could not pass up.  Here are the other items I bought:

What do you think?  I was looking for a small lamp for our guest bedroom.  Clara will be arriving from France on Monday and I had been looking for a cheap lamp.  My daughter wanted to visit the Value Village thrift store in Escondido, CA.  It is on the way home from picking my mom up in San Diego.  She did not have any luck finding back to school clothes, but I spotted this lampshade.  They actually had 2 of them.  I think they are brand new!  I then went looking for a lamp.  This one fit the bill!  So both items together were $9.90.  More than what I wanted to spend on a thrift store lamp, but it was such a good fit for the room and actually a pretty good deal.  Thrift store prices are so much higher than they used to be.

I found this at Salvation Army.  $5.99 and then 30% off.  To me it has more of a Christmas vibe, probably the trees.  So, I will fix it up and unveil it at Christmas time :)

I found nothing at Goodwill and was just walking around killing time until my mom was done.  Well, I noticed the Pyrex butter dish that I must have missed the first time I walked down the aisle.  I have one in the teal butterprint pattern and now I have this beauty.  I promise, it will be my last butter dish.  How many does one gal need? :)

Just a couple of other small items.  A mini flag for the pole in my front yard, 50 cents and an orange candle holder with the candle in it for $.99 plus 30% off.