Now that the cheap kitchen redo is well underway (paint is done, still waiting to save for the counter top) now I get to have fun and go look for accessories!  Since I need to save money for the counter top, visiting a thrift store seemed like the best idea.  What I have not mentioned before is that besides painting my kitchen, I painted our family room and downstairs bathroom.  Changing colors means some of the old things do not match any more, so I had fun looking for things for all sorts of rooms.  Here are some of the things I bought:

I have decided blue is the accent color I want to bring in to a few of the rooms and this planter was just the right pop of color.  I have it right next to my kitchen sink.  $3.99

I fell in love this frame - it is metal and someone else had already painted it blue.  I just had to figure out what to put in it. I searched for kitchen sayings online and found this one that I just loved.  I used a template in Word and for $1.99 I have a fun framed saying in my kitchen.

OK these finds have now started an obsession.  I found these vases for 99 cents each.  It got me interested in real milk glass (these are just knock offs)  The milk glass book is coming in the mail this week - :)  My plan is once I redo my china hutch (mentioned here) I will place these inside along with some more I hope to find on future trips.  

One of my other obsessions is candlesticks.  I could not pass up this beauty in orange!  I already had the candle and the mason jars were from a previous craft project.  It has found it's home on my dining room table.  $1.99

What have you found at your local thrift store?  Send us a picture and we will share with everyone.