The Santa Video

I had a fun time this morning.  I was able to make a free Santa Video thanks to  It took me less than 5 minutes to complete it.  It is such a great idea if you have little ones.  The looks on their faces when they see that Santa was in their home!  Here is how I made the video:

*I took a picture of my Christmas tree and downloaded it into my computer.
*I then visited and uploaded to the picture to their site.  The next step is to choose which video you would like.  They have 8 to choose from.  Some show Santa delivering packages and some where he is eating cookies and drinking milk.  You then choose your song and you are done.  Within seconds they e-mailed me the link to my video.   What I really liked was that you could review your entire video before buying it.  So if you are not happy with it you could create another one.  

Here is my video if you would like to watch it! has been gracious enough to give 3 lucky winners a free video!  To enter, look for our entry form on the right side of this page.  There are many ways to enter!  

If you are not a winner or just really want to make your video now, they are offering a $4 discount code on their Facebook page Here which will bring the price down to just $10.95.