I just had to share with you about The Infinite Scarf.  I got both of mine in the mail last week and am in love!  Not only does it keep me super warm, but it can be worn so many different ways, over 20!  OK, I did try wearing it as a dress for my husband, definitely not something I will do in public, but maybe for some of you :)  Us over 40 ladies have to watch it!    Anyway, I hope you take a minute to click HERE and watch their video telling you all about it.  You will receive a tan and black scarf for $19.95 plus shipping (Make sure to use code 109 to get this price) and it comes with a CD showing you all 20 designs to create.  I still have not done them all!  I love that it is not only a scarf, but really like a piece of clothing.  If you have one let me know what you think!