As I have mentioned in the past Target has a lot of their own coupons and sometimes you can get a great deal buy using a Target store coupon along with a manufacturer couponl.  Click HERE to visit the Target coupon page.  Note that some coupons on their page are Target coupons and some are regular manufacturer coupons.  You will not know which is which until you print them out.  Bu,t we know for the sure that the coupon pictured above for the Starbucks coffee is a Target store coupon.

Here is how to get 2 bags of coffee for only $3.99 each!
Print the Starbucks coupon pictured above HERE from the Target site along with any others that catch your eye (and there are a ton of new ones today, including coupons for clothing!
Then print out this coupon twice -  $1.50 off any one 11 oz package Starbucks Coffee$1.50 off any one 11 oz package Starbucks Coffee

Right now Target is selling the Naturally Flavored Starbucks coffee for $7.99 a bag.  So by using all 3 coupons you will save $8 so you are basically getting a bag for free!