We started out yesterday with our new series on how to get the most Swagbucks possible.  Again, if you have not yet signed up with Swagbucks, please do so!  It is a great way to earn freebies!  Click HERE to sign up today!

Looking for a quick way to earn some Swag Bucks? I've got a tip for you: go to the "My Settings" area of your account and click "Survey Profiles" - you'll see a collection of short questionnaires sorted by topic, and each one you complete gets you 2 Swag Bucks. The amount of profiles available varies by country, but the payout remains the same. The kicker is that those profiles set you up to receive targeted survey opportunities right to your email inbox so you can earn even more Swag Bucks. Even if you don't take those surveys you'll still have the Swag Bucks for completing the profiles.