OK, time to get serious...well sorta :)  Who would not love to be able to give gift cards as holiday gifts and not have to spend a dime?  Swagbucks can make it happen for you.  You might feel like you do not have the time, trust me, Swagbucks has many ways to earn points so you can pick what works for you!  Click HERE to create an account today.  You will not regret it.

Here are some of the ways you can earn points:

*Take Surveys
*Watch commercials
*Download their tool bar and use it to search the internet.  At random times they will award you points for searching
*Share Swagbucks with your friends - Whenever they earn points you will too!
*Be on the look out for special codes on their Facebook page, Twiiter page and their blog.  When I know of a code I share it on MFM's Facebook page so like us too!
*And many others!

Right now for as low as 450 points you can receive a $5 Amazon gift card.  You can earn those points quickly, I promise!

Here are some of the other gift cards you can earn and get in time for Christmas gifts.  

$5 Gift Cards
Barnes & Noble

$10 Gift Cards
Old Navy
Home Depot
Regal Entertainment

So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!!!