Since we are only nine days into 2013, I wanted to check in and see if you have signed up with any of the survey companies listed HERE.  As I have mentioned before, this is a great way to earn some "FUN MONEY".  It will not make you rich, but what fun to get some extra money.  So far in January I have been able to cash out for the following:

MyView - $25 Walmart Gift Card
Expo TV - 2 $25 Red Robin Gift Cards
E Rewards - $25 American Eagle Gift Card
Plink - $10 Amazon Gift Card (I know, not a survey company but it was still FUN MONEY)

Now keep in mind, these are not from surveys I took in January.  These are points that have accumulated and I was just able to finally cash out in January for these amounts.  So, if you start taking surveys in January, depending on the company, you will be able to cash out in a few months

Any questions, send me an e-mail!