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Brooke over at Spruce Your Nest loves her spray paint!  Today she shares a few projects she has completed using spray paint.  To read her entire post click HERE

I recently had some challenges with some chairs I was working on that reminded me just how much I {LOVE} spray paint!  I struggled with these chairs and wasted hours of time until I remembered about my good ol' friend, spray paint!  It is amazing how some times I can get stuck on one thing and forget that there are other ways of doing things.  Spray paint saved the day on this one and I must say I love the outcome!

Spray paint is the best choice for so many projects because it is quick and easy and really effective for the hard to get areas, like the wicker part in chairs.  I have used spray paint for large projects, like our kitchen table...


I just smiled when I saw these pictures because the fabric she used on her chair I used for curtains and pillows and her dining room table looks just like my kitchen table.  We certainly have some things in common :)