If you own a pair of Skechers you might be eligible for some money back.  It was mentioned in the news last week that Skechers had lost a lawsuit and that people who had purchased their shoes might be eligible to receive money.  Here are the shoes effected:

Skechers Shape-ups rocker bottom shoes
Skechers Resistance Runner rocker bottom shoes
Skechers Shape-ups Toners/Trainers
Skechers Tone-ups with podded outsoles
Skechers Tone-ups non-podded sandals
Skechers boots
Skechers clogs
Skechers trainers (Tone-ups, non-podded sole) 

Click HERE to file a claim.  They do ask for documentation.  I just took a picture of my shoes in my closet.  We will see if that is enough or not.