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When you think of Goodwill you normally think of their thrift stores, but Goodwill has a retail website with new and used items.  And they have some great deals! 

Here a few items from their Halloween store:

Ghost/Cat/Pumpkin Candy Dish

Pumpkin With Face

This approximately 3 inch tall pumpkin comes well-dressed for Halloween, with its Jack O'Lantern face applied and a shock of straw tied to its stem. Straw easily removed if not desired for display.$1.59

These little candy dishes add to the decor of any Halloween party. The mouth of a ghost, black cat, or jack o' lantern forms the bowl, standing roughly 2 inches deep and nearly 5 inches wide. The creatures eyes are mounted on short springs, making them jiggle when bumped and giving them a "bugged out" appearance.  $2.49