See's Candies, Inc.

I know this site is all about saving money and getting things as cheap as possible, but there are some things I will not scrimp on and one is chocolate.  See's Candies is by far my favorite.  You know that if you have read any of my many posts on it :)  You will see me using my coupons and getting some good deals on chocolate for Easter, but you will also find me at my local See's store (I am sorry if you do not have any in your town) and getting a few nice pieces for the kids so they know what Real chocolate is all about :)  But, great chocolate does not have to break the bank.  Right now you can get Easter Gifts Under $10 at See's Candies!

If you have a favorite See's Candies flavor I would love to hear what it is.  Mine is Bordeaux - YUM!

Easter Assortment $12.35