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I had the chance to review what I believed to be a Young Adult book, That's Not Hay in My Hair. Come to find out, it really is a book more for the middle school aged crowd. It is a cute story, written by Juliette Turner, who herself is only 17, and is the story of a 5th grade girl who moves from New York City to Texas. With that moves comes all the trails of learning to live on a farm, in the middle of no where. For the author being so young, it is pretty well written, but did find some ideas that the character had seemed too lofty for a real 5th grade girl to come up with, but it has been a long time since I was in 5th grade. 

I can see this being a fun read for middle school girls and even a book for their moms to read with them.

I received this book free to review. All reviews are 100% mine.