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 If you have a loved one who loves the 1940's or perhaps lived through that decade this is an amazing deal!  Purchase Reminisce 1940's 3 disc DVD set for only $5 plus shipping.  Click the Shop Now button above for more information.  

Readers of Reminisce magazine share personal stories, home movies, snapshots and music from the decade that changed life in the U.S. With nearly 7 hours of priceless personal history, this 3-disc set is a unique pictorial snapshot of everyday American life that you'll never forget!

Disc One, "The Decade," features an hour-long documentary that brings back memories of the decade for the folks who lived through it—and brings it to life for their children and grandchildren. The words, photos and home movies of everyday people all come together into an entertaining portrait of America during a historic transformation. 

Disc Two, "Our Photos," is a loving scrapbook of more than 1,200 vintage images contributed by readers. Each photo is a cherished treasure that's sure to evoke memories and conversation. Ten narrated slideshows offer peek inside America in the 1940s, from the food and fashions to life on the front lines.

Disc Three, "Our Stories," joins 21 Reminisce readers as they reflect on the 1940s. These stories, full of humor and heartbreak, pride and patriotism, paint a portrait of America at its best, as ordinary people pulled together to accomplish extraordinary things. This authentic and heartfelt depiction of the hopes, uncertainties, sacrifices, and everyday routines of a country at war and peace is as personal as history gets.