If you have been visiting us for awhile, you know one of the best ways to earn some "FUN MONEY" is by taking online surveys.  You can find our entire page of companies HERE.  Besides the income being "FUN MONEY", it is also a great way to create a holiday savings account.  Most companies now offer the option of paying you via Paypal.  Take a few minutes, if you have not already, and create an account HERE.  When it is time to cash out with a survey company, have them deposit the money right in your Paypal account.  Now here is the tricky part...DO NOT SPEND IT!  Just allow the account to build and before you know it, you will have a nice holiday fund to use.  That is what I have been doing and Christmas shopping will be so much easier this year because of it.  

Also remember, some companies have gift card options, which can make great gifts all on their own.  For the last few years I have used this method and been able to get gift cards as gifts without even leaving my home!  

You can click HERE to read an old post I wrote from 2011 with ideas on getting gifts for free.