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This got me thinking about what I feel lucky for.  I often times take for granted what a good friend really means to ones life.  I went to a bible study where one woman was talking about how hard it is to make friends.  They seem to want so much from her and then leave.  I am sure some of you out there have had similar experiences.  It seems that friendships made later in life can sometimes be that way.  Or you are friends because of a common bond and when that bond is broken so is the friendship.  There have been many women at our church that I have befriended but once they left the church they no longer called.  How sad! 

I have been lucky enough to have two wonderful friends in my life, almost my entire life.  One since I was 5 years old and the other since I was 11.  God placed both of these ladies in my life at an early age and they never left :)  We have been through so much throughout the years.  Right now I do not live in the same city as either of them.  It is sad not seeing them often, but that is what phones and e-mail are for!  I have not yet tried the world of Skype, but maybe some day soon. 

Sometimes I know friends are in your life for only a season.  I made a close friend when we first moved into our new neighborhood.  She was a wonderful lady but after 3 years they moved to another state.  I tried to stay connected via e-mail but her new life was a hectic one and we lost touch.  It makes me sad, but I have to remember maybe she was in my life for only a season.  A friend to talk to, walk with and at that time help take care of my husband's grandmother who was living with us. 

Friends can be such a blessing to your life.  They are often times closer than family.  I hope that you have been blessed with some great friends like me!

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