It has been quite a while since I have shared any of my thrift store finds with you!  I have been able to purchase a lot of really nice clothing, super cheap!  But my latest find just touched me.  My husband and I were at Salvation Army, during their 50% off day, of course!  I can across a box filled with recipes.  It was only $3.55 and then with 50% off I could not turn it down.  It was just stuffed full of recipes so I grabbed it and thought maybe I could find a few I might like,  When I got home and opened it, I was surprised to find it was more like a mini time capsule.  All of the recipes were part of a Home Service Recipe of the Week offered in the early 1950s by the Central Arizona Light and Power Company.  Also in the box was a key, a 1951 penny and a Union 76 gas station card.  The owner had a few of her own handwritten recipes in the box, but the majority were part of this service.  But here is the funny part, most of these recipes are nothing I would ever make!  Based on todays standards, they seem pretty bland or just odd :)  What treasures have you found at a thrift store?  I would love to hear!

My newest treasure!

Prune Cake Deluxe anyone?