Back in June I shared HERE a new love of mine, Pyrex!  Since then I have been given a few pieces and purchased a few. I am amazed how some are able to easily find pieces at their local thrift stores.  I have not had the same luck, perhaps since I live in a newer city.  I purchased two pieces from a lovely lady, Veronica, right before Christmas.  When I received the two pieces in the mail she also included a business card that mentioned her blog.  I wrote her to see if she would like to share her love of Pyrex with all of you and perhaps, in the future, teach us a little something about Pyrex.  She just wrote about her latest beauties HERE at her blog, VividFelicity.  Here is a little more about her...

"I'm actually fairly new to collecting. I started out falling in love with the Corning Ware Country Festival Dish I found left behind in an old rental house about 2004. I decided I wanted to look for more pieces. When I dug a little deeper, I then discovered the Pyrex Friendship Pattern, I was hooked. My collection has since spilled over into other patterns. I love discovering pieces in thrift stores. However, if there are pieces that are rare, I don't mind searching them out in antique malls, estate sales, or even online. My biggest find would have to be my Yellow/Orange Butterprint and Turquoise Mixing Bowls. I was utterly thrilled to find them in the "wild" as they say. I do re-sell some of my collection simply for the opportunity of collection other pieces. I have a fairly new opened etsy shop & blog, Vivid Felicity, where I sell & write about some of my pieces. Hopefully when I’ve completed my full collections, I'll be done. For now however, enough is never enough. Pyrexia is rarely curable."

Here is a sneak peek of what she was able to get her hands on, but reading about it is even better!  And, make sure to check out her Etsy page as well!  

 Vintage Pyrex Pineapple Party Chip and Dip Set 

Do you collect Pyrex or know someone who does?