I am so excited to share with you the Peter Lamas collection.  Personally, I had never heard of this line of products and was thrilled to not only try something new, but something from a Christian company.  

I was sent the Soy and Baobab Oil shampoo and conditioner.  The first thing I loved was the smell, but once I used it I was so impressed with how smooth my hair felt and looked and the great smell lasted!

I also have been using the Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub.  This was the perfect time of year to try something Pumpkin :)  Again, the smell is to die for and I loved how clean my face felt after using it.

The last product I have been using each night before bed is the Sheer Zinc Moisturizer with SPF 30.  Using it after the scrub I mentioned before is just amazing.  My skin is so soft and smooth.  I may never go back :)))

I am so impressed with all of Peter Lamas' products!  Currently you can purchase them online and it will be a purchase you will be so happy with!  

Another great thing about this company is their Project Beautiful campaign.  "A place where you can learn about beauty on the inside and out."  Peter had longed dreamed about having the ability to communicate and interact with people from all walks of life; not only to share tips and tales from his experiences as a beauty expert, but to create a special community.  You can join Project Beauty on Facebook as well.  

Thank you to Peter Lamas for allowing me to try these great products.  All opinions are 100% mine and were in no way altered for receiving these products complimentary.