A few months ago I talked about a few great deals you can get at Pat & Oscars.  Well, it has gotten even better! 

-First, you need to sign up for their Breadstick Club.  They will e-mail you a coupon for a FREE bag of breadsticks!
-Second, you need to sign up for the Family Rewards program.  You can sign up on line or in the store.  You will receive a card, similar to grocery reward cards, to show each time you purchase something.  They will automatically load $5 FREE on the card and for every $50 you spend you earn an additional $5.
-Here is where it gets better!  I do not visit that often and twice this year they have loaded $10 FREE on my card and sent an e-mail saying "We miss you". 

So, if you have not signed up for any of these yet, please click Here to get started!