Kimberly e-mailed me this afternoon that she received a great package in the mail today.  A few weeks back I posted a freebie offer on our Facebook page from a company called Hosties.  They offer party opportunities similar to  This was an opportunity that had a limited number of openings so I put in on our Facebook page to get the information out as soon as possible.  I was so busy that day that I did not even apply myself.  

Well, Kimberly did apply and here is what she got:

- an envelope of 5 different flavored instant coffees for each guest
- paper coffee cups
- football shaped coasters
- a bag of butterfinger candy
- #1 cheering finger
- 1 bag of each single serve size instant coffee (house blend, decaf house blend, french roast, 100% colombian, hazelnut, vanilla)
- free coffee mate creamer coupon
- free box of Biscotti coupon
- 2 Tombstone pizza free coupons
- 2 Hot Pocket snackers free coupons
- free single serve box Taster's choice coffee
- free canister of Taster's choice coffee
- $1 off coupons of Coffee mate for guests
- $1 off coupons for Tombstone pizza for guests

Way to go Kimberly!  See, we can all get goodies in our mailbox :)