SWIRL Wine & Cocktail Tumblers by Takeya 1

OK, a few posts down I share with you the link to sign up with Opensky.com and receive a $15 credit.  I also mentioned that the first person that you refer that signs up with your link will get you another $5 credit.  Well, it seems that when you get to the page to refer people do not use the e-mail method but instead use the link that they give you.  I used it and had my husband create an account and then I received the $5 for a total of $20 in FREE credit. When I tried just e-mailing the link to him he signed up and there was no extra $5 credit in my account.   

The site is a little hard to navigate.  You have to follow people to be able to look at what they have recommended for sale.  I found these Swirl wine and cocktail tumblers priced at $12.  The $20 will cover the glasses and shipping.  Click Here to get the link.  You will need to follow the Lulu Powers in order for the item to come up. Again, I know rather complicated.  There is a choice of 4 or 6 glasses.  The set of 4 is $12.  

I ordered mine.  Should make a nice present for someone :)