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Karrie e-mailed me to let me know that you was chosen to host a Fisher Price House Party.  I share with you quite frequently the opportunities to apply to host a party.  I have hosted about 5 and they are so much fun and you get a lot of great freebies.  Here is what Karrie had to say:

"I was chosen to host the Fisher Price House Party, and it was definitely the best party I’ve ever thrown. As my hostess gifts, I received 1 apptivity monkey, 1 stride to ride puppy, 1 Ballcano, and 1 Ballapalooza. That’s about $200.00 worth of toys! And then for my party favors, they sent me 12 coloring books, 12 cds, 12 coupons for $5.00 off any order of $10.00, 12 coupons for $10.00 off any $50.00 order, play tips for all the toys, and a catalog of all the new Fisher Price toys. They even included all the bags and tissue paper to pack the favors! All the kids had a blast playing with the toys, and I sent 3 of them home with the guests, since we have too many toys already. Plus, I got to tell more people how amazing house party is. Some of them thought I was throwing a “tupperware party” and they were expecting me to be selling stuff. They were so surprised that I wasn’t! Anyways, just wanted to say thanks to you, because I would never had heard of House Party if it weren’t for Moms Fun Money!

Have you hosted a party or were you just picked to host one?  We would love to hear and see all about it!

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