I saw this sign and chuckled.  Can you imagine?  Anyway, I knew that if I did not sit down and write this out that I would once again change my mind.  So here goes...

Since January my husband has become the full time pastor of our church.  With that I became the church's secretary and a pastor's wife.  I knew my priorities would have to change and God confirmed that for me, but I wanted to hold on.  Hold on to what?  This site.  This has been my baby and a great joy for the last two years.  Did God want me to walk away from it, or just rethink my priorities?  Either way, I did not listen.  I decided I could juggle them all.  And by God's grace I have been able to do just that, but I know it is not what God really wants.  In order to be a blessing to our congregation and do God's work, things have to change.  So, I am shifting priorities as of now. 

What does that mean for  It means you will probably see less Daily Deals.  Maybe one coupon a day and one great deal.  It is in my blood to look for freebies, so I will continue to post those :)  I would still love to hear from you.  Your questions, successes, failures, maybe even more now than before.  I would understand if you did not feel like there was enough content and stopped visiting, but I would love it if you would stick around.  I have a feeling God might shift the focus of this site as well in the next few months.  As I strive to have a deeper walk with him, I am hoping he will have things he wants me to share with you.  Posts to share about His love and our day to day struggles. 

So there you go.  I am hitting the "OK" button and sending this out to the cyber world, so now it is up to me to follow through. 

Savior Lead On!