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OK, I will be honest. The moment I saw what this book was about I was worried about reading it. Jessie Rees dies of cancer at the age of 12. Sure, I will read that, no! But, I know she did a lot once she was diagnosed with cancer to help others. She came up with the idea for JoyJars, to give to all children fighting cancer. I know this book was written by her father, Erick Rees, a pastor at Saddleback Church in Orange County, California. So, I plunged ahead and finished the book in 1 day, ha, so much for being fearful. Yes, I cried, but I also smiled and was so inspired and touched. 

The book shows you how, in our modern times, social media can be used to help inspire someone who is fighting a terminal disease and be used as a starting point to inspire others. 

Whether you were touched by someone with cancer or not, it is a story that is definitely worth the read. The book comes out tomorrow, September 2nd. I hope you will take the time to seek it out and read it for yourself.  #NEGUBook

Disclosure: I was given this book by Handlebar Publishing, free of charge to review. All opinions are 100% mine.