My husband and I headed to San Diego to drop my daughter off at the airport and to visit my dad. We also took some time to visit some thirft stores, so much fun! Here are my finds for the day...

Yellow Pyrex Bowl $3.50 Assistance League in Hillcrest
Brown lamp (we will paint it and get a shade) 95 cents The Rock Thrift Store
1949 Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book $1.99 Mattson Liquidation Thrift Store
Recipe Box with recipes $1.99 Mattson Liquidation Thrift Store
3 Hook Placque -$3.99 Goodwill Escondido

My favorite find was inside the recipe box. This tiny notebook was in the back and is filled with old, hand written recipes and in the very back it says that the lady received the book on Christmas Eve of 1933 from her sister. Love it!