Well, the Perdue Chicken giveaway will not go away quietly.  I have not heard back from our winners. Yes I say winners because I have randomly selected not one but two people, and I have not received an e-mail confirmation back from either of them.  All I can assume is that the Moms Fun Money e-mails are going to spam and no one is checking their spam boxes.  So, we will pick a third winner and see if we hear back from here.... Wait, I am letting pick another winner as we speak...

Barbara W. from MI you are our winner.  You will be sent an e-mail, please check SPAM boxes!!

So a note to everyone entering a contest, please check your SPAM boxes as my e-mail might be there.  Our next giveaway starts soon!

P.S. - If you were one of the two I choose previously, I am sorry that your 48 hour window to confirm has come and gone.  But please try again with our next giveaway.