Well, do you ever find "that item"? The one that knocks you off your feet and you throw caution to the wind? Well, I found mine yesterday! Logic told me, "Where Are You Going to Put it"? "Will You Ever Actually Use It"? But in the end, the thrill took over and I bought it. What was it you might ask?

A Teal Sewing Machine! I stood there in the store with my husband, giddy as a kid on Christmas morning! But the cost held me back $35.50. In the end, I gave in and bought it. Got home and researched and found out it was made in Japan in the 50's. Apparently a few Japanese companies were making a ton of these and selling them to different companies, Min says "Dial A Stitch" but I could not find a company by that name. Realized when I got home that it is missing one piece on top. I guess spending on whether I decide if it will be a working piece or a show piece, will determine if I bother to get it repaired. Since I do not have a craft room, I will have to figure out where to show this beauty off!

I also bought these few items, super cheap! Each of the fall wooden signs was $.25 and the old vase was $2.

Happy Thrifting!