Have you ever had a month so busy you feel like you have gotten nothing done?  Well that was May for me.  With June upon us and time to share with you how much money I made taking surveys, I had time to reflect and I realized I was so busy I did not even take the time to visit each survey company I am signed up with to see if I had enough money to cash out.  So, with that in mind you will see that the numbers below are smaller than normal.  Hopefully I will find sometime this month to cash out and the totals for the end of June will be much higher :)  As always, if you have any questions about taking surveys you can e-mail me.  Visit our Survey page to start signing up and earn some fun money!

Pinecone Research  $12 (only open to members a few times a year)
Viewpoint $15.73 (By invitation only)
FocusGroup.com $10

Total  $37.73