I just wanted to remind you that Friday is the last day to enter our Matisyahu album giveaway.  Enter by filling out the form HERE.  Note that I forgot to put an e-mail address spot so but your e-mail address in the address box.  

Here is another way for you to win something!  Matisyahu wants to spread the "Sunshine" to people of all ages, so he is hosting a "Sunshine" coloring contest through his Facebook page.  Have your child, niece, nephew, etc. draw, color, or paint a picture inspired by Matisyahu's song "Sunshine" and post it on Facebook, taggin@Matisyahu with the photo. Matisyahu will personally pick his favorite top 5 pieces of "Sunshine" art and feature the winning designs on his Facebook/Twitter/Official website! In addition, the winners will receive a personal video from Matisyahu, along with a "Sunshine" prize pack featuring a CD and T-shirt.