From time to time I like to reward our Facebook "Likers".  Right now we have 421 and like number 425 will receive a $15 Amazon Gift Code.  So, you might be wondering why bother, you already visit us here on the site.  Well, some times they are HOT deals that I know will disappear fast.  Rather than taking the time to create a post here I just put it on the Facebook page.  Also, only our Facebook likers receive focus group information.  What is a focus group?  From time to time companies are looking to get information for a panel of people on a new product, service etc.  Now days these panels are done online and usually take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks to conduct.  Companies will pay you money for helping them out.  I completed one in January and received $150!  Now who does not want that kind of money?  So, join us today on Facebook or tell a friend. 

**Note:  Facebook is rather picky about giveaways, so I have to have you actually e-mail me when you like me if you think you are liker #425 or anywhere near that.  So, if you like us anytime soon, send me an e-mail at and I will verify the winner. 

Hurry - I have a $15 code looking for a good home :)