had another topic starter today, Little Switches That Make A Difference.  This got me thinking about things we probably all do from time to time to make life easier for ourselves. 

*Switching to and from day light savings - Do you like it or not?  For the first week my sleep pattern is all thrown off, but I love extra sunlight :) 

*Switching from name brand products to store brand - Have you done this?  I am always looking for ways to save some money and am open to trying store brands.  I have been pleasantly surprised in most cases that their products are just as good as the name brand.

*Switching grocery stores - I love my local Ralphs store, but if another store is having a great sale I will shop there for a week.  How many stores do you shop at? 

*Switching shampoo and conditioner - I do this all the time, mainly because I buy items when they are on sale and am open to many brands.  But, I have also heard that switching from time to time is good for your hair. 

*Switching from plastic to recyclable bags - I do this at Ralphs, mainly because they give you points for each recycle bag that you use, so I have a pretty good collection by now.  All of them were FREE!  But I am not that good at remembering to bring them with me when I shop at other stores.  For awhile I was keeping them in the back of my car all the time, but I really do not have a lot of room.  Even as I am writing this I am thinking that I could at least keep 2 back there to help out our environment.

So how about switching toilet paper?  Do you do it?  I have a few brands that I will switch back and forth on depending on sales and coupons.  Cottonelle has a new website all about switching to their brand.  You can check it out here:

About Cottonelle
The Cottonelle brand provides innovative comfort solutions for perineal personal care. Cottonelle toilet paper is available in three forms: Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper, Cottonelle Aloe & E toilet paper, and Cottonelle Premium toilet paper. To help people feel cleaner and fresher than with toilet paper alone, Cottonelle offers Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes and Cottonelle SoothingClean Flushable Moist Wipes enriched with Aloe & E.

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