Hi everyone.  I have a nice giveaway for those of you who shop at a Kroger affiliate store.  Wondering if your store is affiliated with Kroger?  Click HERE to see their list of stores.  

I received a nice BzzAgent.com kit in the mail a few weeks ago.  Included in the kit were some coupons for free items.  Unfortunately, my store did not carry the two items pictured above.  Perhaps your store does.  But, I do not want to mail them out to find out that your store is like mine.  So, here is what we are going to do.  

*Print out the picture above. 
*Take it to your local Kroger affiliate store and see if they carry these items
*Take a picture of the items and e-mail it to momsfunmoney1@yahaoo.com

The first e-mail I receive will receive these two coupons!  I know this might sound like a little work, so please do not make a special trip to the store just for these.  If you are already planning a shopping trip, just be on the look out for these items and take a picture if you find them.  The coupons do not expires until January 23rd, so plenty of time.  Please note:  The cheese coupon is very particular.  I found this cheese in the deli section of my local Ralphs, but they did not carry the 3 varieties the coupon is valid for.  

Also, if you only find one item, that is fine - send me the picture of the one item!

Good Luck!