UPDATE:  I received an e-mail that said that the 34 point codes were not distributed through Huggies so they have been removed from accounts.  Well, that is a bummer.  But they have given us a 25 point in return.  Here it is:   JXMDX-PSSRW-LXPGB   Sorry for this.  I had no idea that they were not valid.  I try my best to only pass along legitimate information to you.  I tried the codes first and since they worked I felt confident in passing them along to you.
I am the first one to admit that I have not had a child in diapers in YEARS.  But, that does not stop me from collecting Huggies diaper reward codes.  Why you ask?  Because you can turn those points in for great items, and not just baby items!  I am thrilled to let you know that I have come across 10 codes that are each worth 34 points.  This is almost unheard of!  So, click HERE to visit our diaper rewards page and enter our latest codes.  Even if you do not have a child in diapers it is a great way to earn freebies!  If you are not a member yet, when you get to our diaper code page just click on the Huggies picture to sign up.