I have gotten this question a few times and I thought I would share with you one way of doing so.  Coupons.com offers printable coupons and I share them on my site all the time.  But sometimes they come out with coupons that are referred to as "bricks" coupons. They will look different because rather than having a page with many coupons where you choose which ones to print, the entire page is dedicated to just this one coupon.  If you look at the very bottom right corner of your screen you will see a "help" button.  Click it and they will give you the option to have your coupon mailed to you for FREE!  

Normally most of the bricks coupons that I share I do so on our Facebook page, but every once in a while you will find one as "Today's Coupon" on our site.  These coupons can normally be printed twice by hitting your back arrow key about 3 times after you have printed it once.  Also, these are usually very popular coupons and their print limit is hit fast.  

So, be on the look out for the "help" button next time you are looking at coupons.