has another opportunity to host a party.  Click Here to apply for the Nice! Shopping Made Easy Party.  If you are chose to host a party here is what you will completely free:

  • Oatmeal cookie recipe item basics including Nice! Quick Oats, Raisins, Baking Soda and Cinnamon
  • Nice! Zipper-Seal Storage Bags for each party
  • Nice! Traditional Snack Mix and Nice! Microwave Popcorn for every party
  • Nice! Trail Mix and Natural Almonds single-serve snacks for every partygoer
  • Nice! sturdy party cup for all party-goers
  • Flower Seed packet for every party
  • Nice! Shopping Tote for the host
  • Nice! Shopping List Pad for all party-goers
  • Nice! coupons for all party-goers
Good Luck!