Can you imagine Halloween without Hersheys?  I cannot fathom my favorite candy not being around!  Just about every year we greet the Trick or Treaters at our door with Hershey candy.  And you know they are the ones that get eaten first. 

So what are your Halloween traditions?  Have they changed as your kids have gotten older?  For the second year we will be attending a Halloween party being thrown by our friends.  Each year she comes up with a new theme.  Last year it was "nerds" and for some that was not much of a stretch (just kidding).  We hung out in her garage and driveway and passed out candy as the kids came by.  It was so much fun being out in it all rather than sitting in the house watching tv and getting up every minute to answer the door.  This year the theme is Super Heros.  I have not come up with a costume idea yet.  Rather than taking a traditional character on I think it would be more fun to come up with one.  Maybe Super Coupon Mom.  What do you think?

Anyway, back to the reason for this post.  Hersheys has a great website with all kinds of ideas on great tasting things to make with their candy, as well as costume and fun projects.  Visit the site HERE to help get you inspired to make this the best Halloween ever!

Disclosure:  I wrote this post to enter a contest to win a Hershey's prize pack through Mom Bloggers Club.  All the opinions are mine!