Just in time for Thanksgiving I have a fun Free Birds giveaway!  Did you family get a chance to see the movie yet?  It came out on November 1st.  They also have a really fun sound track with 29 songs, that is a lot of songs!  You can purchase it HERE on iTunes.  The soundtrack features Social Distortion's cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's song, Up Around the Bend the end as well as Back In Time.  

To get you in the mood for Thanksgiving and Free Birds, we are giving away some fun items!  2 lucky winners will each win a Turkey Hat and a reusable bag and 3 winners will each win a bag. 

To enter, look for the enter box on the right had side of our page under "Current Giveaways".  All the winners will be chosen Monday morning.  No guarantees that the items will reach you by Thanksgiving, but we will give a try!  To enter, fill out the form below.  IMPORTANT:  Under message please include your mailing address.  I promise not to share it with anyone :)  Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


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