We are all about getting the most for our money here at Moms Fun Money and today I thought I would share another way to earn a little money.  Do you have an old cell phone sitting around collecting dust?  I sure do.  I figured I would hold on to it in case something happened to the new one, but that never happened.  So, why not make some money off of it?  Why not sell phones? will help you get the most money possible.  They help you compare companies that buy cell phones.  They currently have prices on over 3,600 cell phones!  They make it so easy to do in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Use their search box to search for your phone.
  2. Let them compare prices on all the buyers so you get the best price
  3. Choose which recycler to sell your phone to and then mail your phone to them for free!
  4. Cit back and wait for your cash or voucher!
I decided to look around at a few phones and the amounts you can get for them:

Blackberry Bold 9700  $145.00
Motorola Droid $56.00

They will even take broken phones!  So, let me know if you end up selling one and how much you got for it!

I wrote this post as a member of  I was compensated for my time.  The opinions are 100% mine!