I love Facebook, but sometimes it is really hard to keep up with the changes.  Thank you to everyone who "likes" us on Facebook, but if you notice that it seems like I have not been writing much, I have been, you might just not be seeing anything from us.

Facebook is now offering people who have business pages the ability to purchase ads for each post we create.  Sounds good, but the ads are hundreds of dollars and I am a one gal show here.  But to try to get us to purchase those ads they have made it harder for anyone who likes a page to see all the posts created, not nice, I know!

 So, click HERE to visit our Facebook page and follow the directions above to make sure you see all of our posts and get all those freebies!  

*You will need to create an interest list.  You can create lists for anything.  So, if you like restaurants you can create one just for those. 
*Once you create at least one interest list it will then show up on the left side of your page.  I had to click the more button the first time but now the interest lists are always on my page.    

 By doing this it does not mean that my posts will suddenly be in your Facebook feed you will have to click on your interest list, but at least it might serve as a reminder to come check us out! Thanks for your patience!