I know many of our new readers have come across our site after watching Extreme Couponing on TLC and then "googling".  While I am grateful for the new readers and happy to share great deals and freebies with you, I have not really shared my opinions of the show with you.  But I have had plenty of people come up to me asking about it and I am happy to share my opinions.  Without going into a long response I will just say, remember it is a television show.  Most people cannot get their hands on the amount of coupons the people in the show are getting, and in most cases stores will not double the amount of coupons that these people have been able to double.  So, please, if you are watching the show, know that yes, you can save by using coupons, in some cases a lot of money, but do not go into it thinking that you can do what they do on the show, you will just be disappointed.

This morning my local newspaper ran an article about a problem many newspapers are having.  People stealing newspapers just for the coupons.  Or returning newspapers and getting new ones after taking out the coupons.  They are trying to get their hands on as many coupons as the people in the show have.  How sad!!!  Here is a link to the article.  How do you feel about the show?  I would love to hear your responses.  Click on the title of this post and comment away!