One of the more popular gift items during the holidays are gift cards.  I thought I would share a few ways you can earn gift cards for free.

* - This company sends you free items to try out and share with your friends.  When you log into your account and share how you spread the word they will give you points.  You can also earn points by taking their surveys.  All of these points are deposited into a account (which they walk you through to create).  You can then convert these points into gift cards.

* - This company is looking for your reviews of certain products.  How they differ is that they want you to talk about the product in a video and upload it to their site.  You will earn points for each video you upload.  They also have a Tryology program - if you are selected, they will provide you with products for free to try.  Convert your points into gift cards.

*Swagbucks - This company started out as a new search engine - they would give you points at random times will using their engine to search.  But, they have turned into so much more.  There are now many ways to earn points.  Convert those points into gift cards.  

*Survey Companies - Many online survey companies will give you points upon completion of a survey.  You can then convert those points in to gift cards.  Click Here for a complete list of companies to join for free.  

* - This company's mission is to teach us how to recycle.  They have quizzes and other items you can participate to earn points.  You can convert those points into gift cards.  I often post when there are new earning possibilities on their site.  

I hope that this list will get you inspired to start earning those free gift cards!  If you are hoping to earn a few in time for the holidays you will want to join now and start earning points!